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The magazine Russian name is
"Физические основы приборострония"

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The scientific articles which have arrived in editorial office of the Physical Bases of Instrument Making magazine are subject to obligatory reviewing.

2.     The editor-in-chief or the deputy editor-in-chief defines compliance of article to a magazine profile, requirements to registration and direct it on reviewing to the member of the editorial council (editorial board) supervising this subject or the third-party expert, the doctor or the candidate of science having closest to a subject of article specialization.

3.     Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent to them are property of authors and contain the data which aren't subject to disclosure. Reviewers aren't allowed to do the copy of articles and to use contents of articles in the purposes. Reviewing is carried out confidentially.

4.     The review can be provided by the corresponding inquiry of authors and advisory councils in VAK Russian Federation.

5.     Terms of reviewing are determined by the editor-in-chief or the deputy editor-in-chief by each case separately. The maximum term of reviewing – between dates of receipt (version) of the manuscript in edition and removal by a decision editorial board – makes 2 months.

6.     In the review it is specified:

a)     compliance of the contents of article to its name,

b)     assessment of relevance of the contents of the manuscript,

c)     assessment of a form of giving of a material,

d)     expediency of the publication of article,

e)     detailed description of merits and demerits of article,

In final part of the review of the manuscript on the basis of its analysis accurate conclusions of the reviewer or about her edition in the presented look, or about need of its completion or processing (with constructive remarks), or deviations from the publication with justification have to be given.

7.     If the review contains recommendations about correction and article completion, it goes to the author with the offer to consider recommendations by preparation of new version of article or is reasoned them to disprove. Article processed by the author repeatedly goes on reviewing.

8.     In a case when the reviewer didn't recommend article for the publication, the editorial board can direct article on processing taking into account the made remarks, and also send it to other reviewer. The text of the negative review goes to the author on demand.

9.     The manuscripts which have received contradictory reviews, it is necessary to direct on additional reviewing. If on the manuscript two negative reviews are received, the publisher has the right to reject at once the presented manuscript and not to publish it.

10.  The final decision on the publication of article is made by the editor-in-chief or the deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine.

11.  After making decision on the publication, the responsible secretary of edition informs on it the author by phone or e-mail.

12.  Originals of reviews are stored in edition within one year.

13.  Edition doesn't assume obligations for terms of the publication of the manuscript.

14.  Aren't subject to reviewing:

       articles of members of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

       the scientific reports heard at congresses, the congresses, conferences, etc., and also the resolutions (decision) of forums recommended for the publication by members редсовета and issued in the form of articles,

       information, information and advertizing, image articles, messages and announcements.


Editor-in-chief of the magazine
"Physical bases of instrument making",
academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), the professor
Pustovoit Vladislav Ivanovich

Deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine
"Physical bases of instrument making",
Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), the professor
Kravchenko Victor Filippovich




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